Medicare Supplement Leads

Exclusive Leads

Medicare Call back Leads

With over 07 years of experience in the medicare lead industry we can provide 500-700 leads a day. Our experienced team pre-confirms everything before setting up a lead. Our Medicare Supplement Live Transfers (also known as Warm Transfers) are prequalified and looking to buy immediately. These are our highest closing leads, with some agents closing at over 50%.

Live Transfer

Exclusive leads are sold only once, and close at a higher rate than shared leads. They work best for individual agents and smaller agencies. Our leads will have customer's Name, Address, DOB (over 65). All the leads can be provided in Real time as soon as they are generated. Basic criteria Customer's age over 65 years, Customer is already enrolled with Medicare Part A & B and Already spending money from his pocket for deductibles, co-payments or prescription.